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Earliest Learning Possible for Your Baby – FlashCards!

Scientific studies show that the earliest years in childhood are the most important for learning and intellectual development. The very first thing that newborns learn is breathing. After that the child learns visual differentiation by looking at things from his/her surroundings. He/she then starts learning about mobility by attempting to move his/her limbs. Some babies cry to signify a need or to capture the parent’s attention. Some parents perceive their child as beginning to learn only during their schooling ages of 4-5 years. However, this may not be the entirely true; as there are children at much earlier age who can commence studies on reading, writing and other skills.   A number of parents have achieved success at using the Glenn Doman technique for teaching young children. It is based on simple learning techniques, anyone can try it with their child at home.

The technique utilizes ‘flash cards’ used in the Glenn Doman method called ‘Bits of intelligence cards’. There is a picture on one side and information on the other side of each card. The picture must be clear,descriptive, easy to understand and appealing to attract attention of the child. The child should be relaxed and in happy mood when you start using the cards. Coercing the child to study will never yield positive results. Do not force the child to learn when he/she has no mood for studies or am tired. The way to do it is by flashing a card for an instant before flashing another card for the child to memorize. It is important to realize the fact that children have a low attention span, so do not extend the lessons beyond a limit. If you see the child not taking any interest, stop the lesson. The wrong methods of using the cards may cause frustration and demotivate the child at learning. The duration of each lesson should not exceed five minutes.

Parents make the best teachers for their child, according to Glenn Doman;  they are the people whom the child trusts the most and hence are able to exude confidence in them. The amount of time parents spend uninspired with their child promotes less significance for their intellectual developments all the way into adolescence . Both the parent and child should enjoy the lessons. Hugs, kisses and a happy atmosphere are the essential prescriptions of the lessons.  The flashcards should be resized in accordance to the age of the child; the older the child gets, the bigger. Also, cut down the number of cards to show in case he/she starts mumbling and loses interest. It may be a sign of your child being overly exhausted trying to analyze or deduce the meanings of the cards. It is better to repeat the cards from time to time; this helps the child register the images in their brains. Remember, just take it easy on your baby!

You can also introduce new materials while repeating some of the already used. Show as much new cards to the child as you can every time;  this helps enhance their overall memory pool on a wider scope of interests.  No tests! No quizzes! Not during these years.  All parents can try the Glenn Doman method as it is not complex at all. Your child may grasp better skills at learning as soon as he/she starts schooling.


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Posted by: MEERA BLU,  December 13th, 2010


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